I love you, you observe Lent

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The Christian silly season begineth.

If I was a practising Christian I’d have to choose something to give up from today.

Traditionally this was food — which I believe is something to do with the hunger gap whereby you’ve eaten up leftovers, yet there’s not much else available until the spring harvest is ready. Trouble is, if I gave up food I’d waste away and I’m not about to do that for anybody.

Other people give up something they’re passionate about to demonstrate their commitment to willpower. Alcohol, chocolate, and wanking are all fair game here. That’s fine but, well… on yer bike!

So, what’s left? If I gave up the Internet I wouldn’t be able to blog, so that’s out. If I gave up sport I’d have to start doing some so I can experience withdrawal symptoms. Similarly I’d have to start smoking first before giving it up.

Hmmm, I know. In the spirit of trying to understand hardship I’m going to give up Lent for Lent because then I won’t have to give anything up that I really like. Now that’s dedication.

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