How to annoy the Papacy

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A list of slightly unorthodox activities that could supplement the UK visit by His Holiness this week.

When the Pope visits Britain this week I don’t think he should have a smooth ride. Let’s make him work for the religion he purportedly represents.

How about some of these ideas to stir things up a bit:

  1. Organise a Gay Pride event next door to Hyde Park
  2. Offer alternative communion using Malted Milk biscuits and Lambrini bought from Bargain Booze
  3. Dress up some strippers as women Bishops (Strishops?) and do some table dancing nearby
  4. Whip up some sponsorship for the event to go in the Church coffers. Perhaps Durex would be interested
  5. Put on a rock concert, after all, rock is the devil’s music so we’ll need something to counteract all the perfect, pure energy in the country
  6. Sell T-Shirts at the event: I kissed His ring and I liked it

Hey, it seems that the Papacy aren’t above making some cash on the back of the visit by selling souvenirs, so why shouldn’t we cash in too?

Any more ideas on how we could make this event truly ROCK?

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