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Y'know things that are all the rage? Blogs. Everyone has one; or at least had one before Facebook, Twitter et al diluted the realtime pool.

Since I'm nu-old skool — and watching endless streams of people retweeting the decades old picture of that cat with the lime on its head using links is stupefyingly pointless — I figured why not make a blog? The main difference here compared with other people's blogs is that instead of being limited to one topic, you get a little slice of everything all mashed up. I'm too good to be tweeting.

  • Digital bottlenecks

    · 1077 words (laps up about 5 mins)

    Throwing technology at the service industry to improve customer service is the trend du jour. But it seems that ill-conceived rollouts have negative effects on customer experience.

  • Adam Smith faces investigation for feeding people

    · 839 words (wastes about 4 mins)

    Trading Standards have clearly nothing better to do than prop up our throwaway society. Commerce over common sense has to end.

  • Vegetarian vagaries

    · 1178 words (devours about 6 mins)

    Ian Dury and the Blockheads gave us “Reasons to be Cheerful”. Frank Turner gave us “Reasons Not to be an Idiot”. Nobody’s yet explored “Reasons Not to be a Vegetarian”. Until now.

  • The Hurt Locket

    · 256 words (vacuums up about 2 mins)

    Coughs, colds, sneezes, sore throats. Lucky for us we have lozenges like Lockets to soothe our throats and unblock our noses. But what kind of alien substance is the wrapper made of?

  • The hunger gaps

    · 1098 words (kills about 5 mins)

    Billions of tonnes of food going to waste? Sounds like a supermarket’s dream. So why the long faces guys?

  • Parking preference

    · 80 words (eats up less than a minute)

    I’ve seen parent and child spaces, disabled spaces and taxi spaces outside supermarkets but is this one a shade too far?

  • Ill fitting toast

    [1 comment] · 244 words (laps up about 2 mins)

    Manufacturers of toasters take heed: would it hurt to do a little more research before releasing your products?

  • Breakfast glue

    · 52 words (devours less than a minute)

    Some cereals are not meant to be cereals.