Come on England

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The world-wide waste of time is under way. Football: 0, Stef: lots.

Anybody expecting the title of this post to be some kind of limp Internet-based support for our team during the World Cup don’t know me very well. It’s a statement of fact: England are going to get come all over them by nations that have talented footballers.

Since I’m on record as not being a blinkered patriot now, if we don’t win the tournament then the nation will think it’s my fault because I didn’t believe and somehow altered the outcome due to my negative Karmic influence.

Actually, no, you Sky Sports-obsessed wannabe managers, the reason we’re not going to win is because we’re not good enough. The last time we had any facet of a decent chance at winning a football event — and, coincidentally, the last time I watched England play — was Euro ’96, whereby Southgate destroyed my spirit.

We’ll never forget1. You and Pearce.


1 (oh alright: come on England!)

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