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Hands up anyone who’s ever read a product review on Amazon? Ever written one? You really should flex those literary muscles and join the ranks of people with too much time on their hands.

I first got into Amazon reviews after the sheer silliness of the ones on David Hasselhoff’s best of album (mentioned and linked in Paul Rosselhoff).

Since then of course, with Amazon’s relentless march toward being the shop where you can buy everything, they’re bound to stock some things of questionable value. Or even some things that are supposed to be serious but someone finds and twists their intention into something else entirely.

Here’s a rundown of my favourites collected from various sites around the interweb. The reviews on the whole are priceless. If you stumble upon any more clever or insightful reviews of this nature, stick them in the comments below so I can have a good laugh. Thanks!

2 varmints gave a toss


    I kinda like the reviews on this odd ball

    Stef Dawson

    Haha! Pros: “Keeps me from wearing out my welcome at friends houses.” Class!

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