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A man who does good by the people becomes an enemy of the system.

As the days since the general election march onwards I have to admit that the ConDem’s approach to managing the country really has impressed me. And I’m not easily impressed; nor am I a raging Tory boy.

Never in my voting life have I known a Government to come in and pretty much throw away all the crap that the last lot put in place. Usually, the Opposition make a song and dance about a policy “rah rah, terrible, the right honourable gentleman is a prick” etc, but when they come into power they conveniently leave the policies they railed against intact.

Not here. Not this time. Out goes all the liberty-infringing, European-induced crud like ID cards; the NIR; Biometric passports; the NHS online database; fingerprinting of schoolkids; HIPs; the naming of teachers after being accused of wrongdoing by malicious pupils before inquiry; and the list goes on.

It’s like they rolled up their sleeves, got a list of everything the country is doing, pulled each one out of a hat, studied it and gone “Why the fuck are we paying for this? Bin it.”

Stormy waters ahead

The trouble is, this course of action is likely to rub the people who actually run the world up the wrong way. The likes of the people who want a single currency in Europe. The people that print the money and ultimately want one world currency, one school system, one defence system (the UN), and one court of law to rule over us.

I can only assume that Cameron hasn’t been gotten-to yet. There are no pictures of him bumming teenage boys or whatever it is they had over Blair, Brown and Major — fabricated or otherwise.

Thatcher was a free-thinker. Mad as a sack of Bolivian goat-herders and wildly unpopular, but a free thinker nonetheless. She was used at first of course, then realised the error of her ways and began to put it right. But it was too late to save her political career. I suspect Reagan was sharper than he let on, too — the Star Wars programme notwithstanding — and that cost him his public dignity. Kennedy was also a free-thinker. He knew too much and it earned him a bullet in the head.

I only hope Cameron has the resolve (and security detail) to stay on course and fight whatever crap this parcel of rogues throw at him.

So far so good; he’s even made me think twice about leaving this heap of shit country. Five weeks ago I was cynical to the core and under the impression it’d be the same-old same-old whoever got in power. Five weeks ago I thought politics in this country was merely a diversionary tactic. To date, I’m glad I’ve been proved wrong.

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    Stef Dawson

    And four years on, it’s good to know Cameron’s the same as all of them. Make a splash to appear like he cares, go too far with cuts, get drunk with power, and drive the country further into the ground.

    As usual, none of the Whitehall pricks learn. As long as jobs for the boys continues unabated and they line their pockets with money from big business, who cares about the people, right?

    Well I care. Enough to join 38 degrees and SumOfUs along with millions of other ordinary people to help rein in the twats who purportedly work for us.

    I suggest you join likewise. It works. The more people that make a noise, the more difficult it is for them to steamroller everyone.

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