The guy who does less

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The current crop of politicians need shooting so we can start afresh.

With the election looming and the ratings-fuelled debates all but over, it’s full-on policy time. Each of the “leaders” are making random noises that don’t make sense in an effort to win votes. For example, Brown is all:

Let’s borrow/print more money to bring Britain out of recession

No, Gordon, let’s not. Look at the mess you’ve got us into already.

Cameron says:

Let’s fund new NHS cancer drugs

No, David, let’s not. I don’t want you wasting my money on the symptom instead of the cause.

Meanwhile, Clegg prefers:

Let’s bend over and get raped by the United States of Europe

No, Nick, let’s not. I’m bored of having to prove I can do my job every year just to keep some upper-class bureautwat employed in Brussels.

Everything is always more, more, more. Where’s the politician with the gumption to stand up and say “I’m going to do less, so you can all get on with your lives without our meddling”?

Now that would get my vote.

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