Parents to be replaced by Gordon Brown

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Help, I’m being sexualised by TV imagery. I’m gonna go and beat someone up now.

It appears the latest moral panic being created by our dear government and mainstream media is that of sexualisation — whatever the heck that means — of young people.

The argument seems to be that banning large portions of the Internet, TV and billboard advertising, the sale of lads’ mags, and those pens you can get at the seaside where the girl’s clothes slide off when you tip them upside down will stop a purported increase in violence against women.

In other words, based on bad or incomplete data, it’s a typical knee-jerk reaction to address the symptoms — not cause — of an entirely unrelated problem that hasn’t fluctuated in 300 years.

Why is Gordon Brown trying to control what parents can and can’t let their kids watch? It’s lunacy. The government will end up doing what they’ve done with the so-called war on drugs : promote drug use as a lifestyle choice through their own advertisements and legislation then wonder why nothing’s changed in decades.

If the government have nothing better to spend my money on, they should stop collecting it from me.

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