Faux democracy

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Should I just vote for the person with the best hair cut on the day?

So it looks as if there’s going to be a UK election. At least, I think there is. The mainstream media haven’t mentioned it all day every day 24 hours a day for the past two days wheeling out unparalleled quantities of “experts” and swingometers and opinion polls and questionable statistics and biassed reporting masquerading as impartial information.

I’ve been able to vote for half my life and not once — not once — has anybody with a clipboard knocked on my door or stopped me in the street and asked for my voting preference for a survey. Regardless I’d probably lie anyway just to skew the stats, isn’t that rather unlikely? Assuming I’m pretty average, and such opinion polls seem to be conducted at alarmingly frequent intervals, that doesn’t give me much faith in the numbers.

Perhaps they can sense the skepticism in my aura and know that my answer would be along the lines of “it doesn’t matter who’s in power all the while our money supply is backed by nothing, and is controlled and printed by private financiers”.

All the campaigning, baby-kissing, hot air and media tomfoolery that surrounds such an event leads me to one conclusion: elections are yet another charade to keep us all occupied while the real politics goes on behind the scenes.

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