Spring has sprung

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Ah, Spring… I’d like to butter your muffin.

The best thing about Spring — aside from the fact I never know if it should have a capital letter or not — is that you can leave the butter out on the side instead of in the fridge and it spreads pretty well. Guess the same thing could be said about Autumn, but we’re not there yet.

Of course, in Winter it makes no odds if the butter’s on the side or in the fridge; it still shreds your bread. And in Summer it just melts on the side so you have to put it in the fridge at the expense of tearing holes in your bread when using it.

Thank you, Spring, for being the happy medium that you are, and allowing me to enjoy my bread-related products in their entirety.

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    Hello Stef,

    Sad to learn of your difficulty with butter and the climatic extremes of the British weather. Conscious that Summer rapidly approaches, I thought I might direct your attention to this invention of the French.

    We have one that keeps in butter in good shape winter and summer alike. Nothing better than couple of anchovies on a slice of well buttered multigrain.

    Oddly these devices are available in the US but not in the UK. Give me a mailing address and I will send you one as a practical expression of gratitude for the outstanding work developing TXP on all fronts.


    Stef Dawson

    As a follow-up to Joe’s kind offer, we have received said butter bell and have been using it the past few weeks.

    It is truly remarkable, to the extent that my wife and I now both want to make sandwiches, whereas before we’d put it off until the other person caved in! The only downside is that the swear jar has taken an economic downturn as I’ve not broken a cracker or ripped a slice of bread recently.

    I’ve been singing its praises to everyone I’ve talked to recently. Awesome, thanks again Joe :-)

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