Cats n dogs

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Cats good. Dogs ungood. It’s the universal truth.

I’m definitely a cat person. If you chuck a stick, a dog’ll chase after it and bring it back. A cat will just look up at you and go “well, you threw it, so fetch it yourself if you want it so badly”. Dangle a bit of string from the end of the stick though and it’s a different story. Half an hour of entertainment, easily.

Cats also don’t take any shit from you. If they don’t like something you do, you get a clip round the ear. Thus you know exactly where you stand with a cat — even the females, which is quite refreshing. The married of you will know what I mean :-)

I think DeNiro summed it all up best in Meet The Parents:

they don’t sell out the way dogs do

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    Stef Dawson

    And on this topic I just spotted a fantastic .sig on someone’s post in a forum:

    Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.

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