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Do the stories of Osama and Obama share more than just 80% of the letters in their names?

Thought I’d wait for the media dust to settle before talking about curious timing coincidences surrounding the O[b|s]ama connection.

When news broke about Osama Bin Laden’s purported “death” at the hands of the gung-ho Navy Seals, the odd thing about the reporting was how disjointed the media message was. Normally the mainstream media are given a story and they interpret it in the way that is intended: one voice to spread the word of Israeli Zionists, or to further end game goals to which I’m not privvy and can only speculate.

In most cases the primary reports are often the most accurate as the bloodthirsty media scramble for coverage. It’s only after the “official” story is circulated and becomes the de-facto standard that things even out. But in this case the reports were uncharacteristically muddled:

  • the U.S. had the co-operation of the Pakistan government, but they’ve since said that was a lie
  • some said it happened a week before, or that the order was given a while prior to the attack and the information was only released on May 2nd
  • the whole burial-at-sea-due-to-Muslim tradition thing seems trite, albeit plausible to avoid backlash or a pilgrimage
  • others say Osama’s in captivity and being questioned
  • DNA records were obtained, matched and confirmed in less than 24 hours based on a swab from his half-sister
  • some claim he’s been dead for ten years

Regardless the fact this bearded guy had nothing to do with any terror incidents and is a U.S. ally, this contradicting flotsam has been jostling for the surface but nothing is concrete and — as always — leaves more questions than answers.

A history of precedence

Cast your minds back to 2001 and the demolition of WTC Building 7 by Larry Silverstein, owner and beneficiary of over 500 million dollars in damages to his towers. Aside from all the fluff and furore about so-called “terrorists” and fundamentalists, the fact remains that Building 7 — not hit by any plane or debris — just fell down.

I’ve yet to hear a compelling argument for this amazing act of self-destruction but, purely coincidentally, that building housed records and progress of public investigations into the SEC for fraud cases like Enron, cases against insider dealings of investment banks, evidence of email exchanges on backup tapes, active FBI case files, the list goes on. With WTC-7 out of the way, the cases go away and so do the perpetrators. A superb cover-up.

Cast your minds back to 2005 and the underground bombings in London. The patsies that were asked to take backpacks to the capital were of course decoys. It was a classic false-flag operation to allow legislation and a media-sponsored War On Terror to take place over here. By all eye witness accounts at the time, the bombs were already under the trains and were thought to thave been detonated by a planned electrical surge. The only person that knew for sure — Jean Charles de Menezes — died in a hail of police gunfire shortly after.

(I only wish the excellent SuspectPaki.com was still online as it perfectly captured events through the eyes of someone at the sharp end of the media’s overt racism)

Now look at the Osama incident, and rewind a little less than a week. Obama had been under intense flak to prove he’s a U.S. citizen and the final straw on the 27th April was when the White House published his official long-form birth certificate on their website. But it looks to be a phony PDF that’s been doctored (very badly) and the video bloggers were all over it.

Disregarding the fact that I could have come up with a better forgery given a day inside Photoshop, the question over why it was such a bad job is interesting, and unresolved. Possible reasons:

  1. true ineptitude, but are we to believe that the people in the CIA who masterminded 9/11 can’t use Illustrator properly?
  2. a benevolent person inside the Administration highlighting the bad apples?
  3. a deliberate attempt to cast further aspersion on Obama by people who want him out for something he has done or was about to do?

Was the strike on Osama a reaction by Obama, or a planned event to drown the stories of the birth certificate in something bigger?

Of course nobody will ever know, as this world we live in is just like the PDF when scrutinized: layer upon layer of deception and counter deception. But it’s fun to play the guessing game and watch from a distance as the people who slavishly lap up the media message are gradually drawn into the web of deceit.

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