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Extra extra! Read all about it! If it’s Textpattern and cool, it’s in the new rebranded and redirectioned TXP magazine.

After months of hard graft, the inaugural issue of the rebranded TXP is now available to read.

Formerly Txp magazine the mag is under new leadership and a new editorial team who are committed to showing just how awesome Textpattern is. With regular columns, opinion pieces, interviews and features on both people and plugins you may not have heard of, it’s the in-place to learn about the world of Textpattern on the CMS stage.

Why am I writing about it? Well because I’m part of the team who put it together. While I can’t claim credit for the words (at least not all of them!) and I certainly can’t claim credit for the design of the fully responsive layout (try it in your mobile device), I can raise my hand and say that I helped make the site work in the way it does.

Behind the scenes are a tightly knit band of plugins and core tags that gel together to create an issue-based publication out of a date-based system. I won’t reveal the magic here — that’s the subject of later articles — but I will let you know that the site uses a few plugins beginning smd_ and that some of them were custom written or adapted for the magazine. They will be publicly released when they’re in good enough shape (documentation, ahem) to ship.

I’d like to thank all the people involved in this mammoth project of auditing the old content, crafting logos, designing the site layout, writing the copy and generally turning all the cogs in the right directions to arrive at the final magazine. We’re proud of it and aggressively using social media like Twitter instead of relying solely on the forum to discuss and promote the magazine, so hop along and join the fun.

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    As I said on twitter before: Well done! Nice work, of all of you.

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