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What happens if your dentist isn’t all he seems?

Went to the dentist today for a check up but had forgotten the time of the appointment. So I googled the name of my dentist to get the phone number. The results:

  1. First link was the NHS directory
  2. Second link was the dental practice
  3. Third link was the FBI’s most wanted list

Being the curious type I checked link #3. It appears my dentist is actually a terrorist with links to Al Qaeda and is wanted on numerous terrorism charges. Guess that explains the special offer on the signage display in the waiting room that cheerfully announced “Special rates for Infidels”.

But then it got me thinking: if Google can find him, why can’t the FB-AIIII? Surely all they have to do is phone up for an appointment.

  • *ring ring*
  • Receptionist: Good morning, dentists, how may I help?
  • Caller: We’d like to make an appointment to see Dr Jaffarr. We have, uhhh, toothache.
  • Receptionist: Certainly, will Friday at 2:30 be ok?
  • Caller: That will be fine.
  • Receptionist: May I take your name please?
  • Caller: The FBI.
  • Receptionist: What… all of you have toothache?
  • Caller: That is correct, ma’am.

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