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Y'know things that are all the rage? Blogs. Everyone has one; or at least had one before Facebook, Twitter et al diluted the realtime pool.

Since I'm nu-old skool — and watching endless streams of people pretending they are the centre of the universe isn't Like-worthy — I figured why not make a blog? The main difference here compared with other people's blogs is that instead of being limited to one topic, you get a little slice of everything all mashed up. Who says I'm late to the social party?

  • Why are you waiting for leaders to slow the pandemic?

    [5 comments] · 979 words (sucks up about 5 mins)

    Like the COVID-19 virus itself, it’s impossible to escape the media coverage of it. People are angry. Feel helpless. Scared. That’s all normal. But pause, just a moment, and think.

  • Logical park life

    · 184 words (munches less than a minute)

    Gotta love logic statements. They open up all manner of wonderful loopholes which can be exploited.

  • Wetter get a bucket

    · 1494 words (sucks up about 7 mins)

    What links the weather, hose pipe bans, the stock market, children, and the environment. Why, housing. Probably.

  • My brain is speeding up

    · 121 words (laps up less than a minute)

    The perils of having an over-active hyperbrain that takes things in too quickly before processing.

  • All the 1s

    · 134 words (eats up less than a minute)

    When is a date not a date? When you find a computer science nerd to mis-represent it.

  • Electric youth

    · 306 words (munches about 2 mins)

    Remember the everlasting match? Invented in the 1970s if I recall correctly. Have you got one? Didn’t think so, because the invention was silenced and bought by the match makers of the time to protect their business model. Same with electric cars, it seems.

  • Space is pretty big

    · 384 words (laps up about 2 mins)

    Space: the final frontier. These are the facts and figures behind our very own V’ger (as they pronounced it in Star Trek 1) in everyday language. Still pretty mind boggling all the same.

  • Two identical snowflakes: statistical hokum?

    · 330 words (kills about 2 mins)

    When is a snowflake not a snowflake? That’s the real question we should be asking.