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Y'know things that are all the rage? Blogs. Everyone has one; or at least had one before Facebook, Twitter et al diluted the realtime pool.

Since I'm nu-old skool — and watching endless streams of people waste their lives telling each other about their shockingly tedious days erodes my will to live — I figured why not make a blog? The main difference here compared with other people's blogs is that instead of being limited to one topic, you get a little slice of everything all mashed up. Txt spk iz da bom.

  • Why we have a National Health Disservice

    · 2140 words (vacuums up about 10 mins)

    We’re told the NHS is in crisis and needs funding. Let’s step back a moment and find out if it’s true and who’s to blame. The answer might surprise you.

  • Eye test technology is always right

    · 447 words (vacuums up about 2 mins)

    If opticians want people to visit more regularly and not regard them as wealth-sucking ogres, they’re going to have to start listening.

  • New Year's Evolution

    · 161 words (laps up less than a minute)

    All hail 2014. A New Year has begun, whereby people the world over decree they are going to improve their lifestyle and turn over a new leaf. All except me.

  • Myopic Google glasses

    · 232 words (sucks up about 2 mins)

    To find out what the future holds for Google’s foray into wearable mobile gadgetry, we turn to… Steve Martin.

  • My brain is speeding up

    · 121 words (wastes less than a minute)

    The perils of having an over-active hyperbrain that takes things in too quickly before processing.

  • The Serenity Prayer for today's world

    · 168 words (eats up less than a minute)

    Spiritual enlightenment and well-being mantra, updated to take into account the pressures of modern life.

  • Stab stab slice I'm better now

    · 246 words (sucks up about 2 mins)

    Don’t forget to be aware that you’re self harming today while you search for the razor blade. I won’t forget, because I’m now learned.

  • Concussion

    · 57 words (kills less than a minute)

    How to check your state of mind after a fall might hit a stumbling block one day.