I feel like chicken tonight

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But I need to take the consumption frequency coefficent into account.

There ought to be a TV show called Old people say the craziest things. I’m sure my Nan would be a regular, featured contestant.

I had a chicken sandwich for lunch one day; my Nan made it for me and it was delicious. That afternoon — as Nans do think about meals a lot — she asked me what I’d like for dinner that evening. “How about Chicken?” I said. After all, I like chicken.

Her response was both baffling and hilarious in equal measure: “You can’t have chicken for tea, you had it for lunch.”

I suppose in her world there must be some unwritten rule that implies having the same substance two meals in a row is ungodly or otherwise distasteful. Conversely, in my world, if I like something I don’t mind the odd consecutive consumption.

For the record, my Nan is a nightmare to play Connect 4 against: “You can’t put that there, it’s next to another disc of the same colour.”

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