When music and fashion collide

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The results are predictably unpalatable, especially in the hands of untalented music industry puppets.

Music industry / urban wannabies / audio sheep, repeat after me:

Antares AutoTune is NOT a musical instrument.

I don’t care how cutting edge you think you are, using it to make your voice go weblarberler blarrrberlah brahh at the end of every word/key phrase is simply annoying. Autotune is there to fix slightly out-of-tune notes or to make someone like Lilly Allen actually appear capable of holding a tune.

Used in its ‘soft’ slide mode it does a damn fine job of it. But if you whack the speed right down to 0 it causes the pitch to flutter like the crazy frog tweaked out on crystal meth. Someone thought that was cool and has forced every artist since — even the previously mighty Pendulum — to do the same for the sake of adhering to fashion.

Here’s a concept: don’t follow fashion. Be an individual and make music on your own merits. Stand out from the crowd instead of blending into the homogenised background hubbub of the instantly-switch-off-able mainstream media.

Bottom line:
Don’t Fucking
Abuse AutoTune
(it’s not big, and it’s not clever)

I want your brainjar


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