Politics is a sham

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As the nation begins to get whipped to a froth by the media over a general election, it’s time to reflect on recent memories.

We fondly said farewell to the man who kissed Bush’s arse more times than Pete Doherty checked into rehab; led us to several illegal wars; plunged the country further into debt with the IMF; sprinkled surveillance cameras as if they were confetti; helped crush the spirit of the country through fear of terror; injected our tax money into a beleaguered health service; destroyed the education education education system; encouraged asylum seekers to drain our economy; introduced minimum wage and stealth taxes to devalue the middle classes; inhibited free speech through political correctness; marched us towards a United States of Europe; championed the transition from freedom to a police state via ID cards; raised the profile of questionable environmental issues; and ignored the will of the people he supposedly represents.

But enough of Tony Blair’s good points; somebody probably had him by the balls. The nation then made way for a real megalomaniac: Gordon Brown. If he had balls, someone would have them too. And now we are poised to let A. N. Other puppet guide us to oblivion. I’m willing to bet the fist is already closing around their family jewels too.

The initial flurry of excitement and changes in job role for the nation’s figureheads will soon pass as nothing changes for better. The same civil servants and PR campaigners will write the speeches for different people to deliver; the corporations will continue to run everything and we, the subjects, will listen to the platitudes, bitch among ourselves but be too afraid to speak up for fear of the repercussions at being branded a terrorist / paedophile / anti-whateverist.

Would you all be upstanding

Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way. In order for the figureheads to make policies, we have to believe in them; we have to accept what they and the media say, and believe it to be in our best interests. Often it’s not, and we must all become media savvy by “looking through” the words and pictures to seek the reasons and motives behind them.

By changing our outlook and rejecting absurdities en masse, we can turn this country — heck, the world — around. If fifty million people say “no” there isn’t a damn thing a handful of representatives in suits can do but submit: we are the ones in power. The people at the top are watching to see how far we as people can be pushed; if we push back it delivers a powerful message.

As Kennedy once said “Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed – and no republic can survive.” He was right, and took a bullet for it, among other things. If you value your freedom, if you want what’s best for you, your children and future generations, now more than ever is the time to question. Everything.

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