Who has Balls?

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It appears that neither the electorate nor the governance have what it takes. Only Ed Balls can save us… no, wait…

With the Liberal Democrats in talks with both other main parties, will Nick Clegg make the right choice? If he sides with Labour they still won’t necessarily have a majority; if he sides with the Conservatives they might have more diverse policy differences and nothing’ll get done.

At least, that’s what the mainstream media say.

But, as usual, they aren’t asking the right questions. The primary question to ask is why the election is such a close-run event.

On the surface, the answer is deceptively simple: disregarding the staunch voters who would elect a meerkat if it wore a suit and sported the correct colour rosette, every party has their fair share of idiotic policies. And the people who take time to investigate the manifestos know this. The shift of power is not so much about swing and Jeremy Vine lolloping around a map as it is about the rejection of politics by us as we offer support to independent parties who actually have policies that make sense.

I’m with stupid

The Liberals siding with Europe and spending millions per day to allow other countries to make our laws is no less idiotic than the BNP spending aid money to repatriate immigrants, which is no less idiotic than the Conservatives pissing money up the wall with cancer drugs and nuclear submarines, which is no less idiotic than Labour’s plans to borrow/print our way out of debt.

We appear to have all lost the plot: they work for us. That’s just the way it is, as Bruce Hornsby rightly sang. We should be telling those in charge what policies to make, not have them forced upon us and told to lump it. Have all the debates and slanging matches you like for the drones who watch TV; the bottom line is the politicians aren’t in touch with the people they represent, and this election result is a vote of no confidence in the system.

At least Gordon’s done the right thing and resigned. But can the country really allow Prime Minister Balls to take office? As if we’re not a big enough joke already.

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