Rozzers on Twitter

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Slack day at the office hounding motorists and beating people up? Tell the world about it on Twitter.

This has to be a joke, right? Manchester police force are apparently going to spend 24 hours posting tweets about every call they receive, to keep people updated on their progress throughout the day.

In order to waste the time of at least one person to compose and post such messages without compromising future trials, we can surmise that Manchester police force are either:

  1. bored
  2. overstaffed
  3. desperate for attention

Can’t see the point of such a PR stunt. Are we supposed to pity them because they have so much to do (besides posting on Twitter) or marvel them for being able to manage their job? Seems like a waste of effort just to be able to say “Look at us! Aren’t we hip ‘cos we can use the Internet”.

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