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The economy is booming rah rah. Aren’t we great rah rah. Tax the rich mumble mumble. Do you want fries with that?

In the wake of the UK’s budget, George Osborne’s speech writers appear to have delivered the usual economic mumbo jumbo that pleases the media while having little effect on the actual economy or the pockets of the people.

One glaring omission was defining exactly how HMRC are going to administer the changes when they can’t cope with the simplest tasks such as keeping records, sending out correct information, and answering the phone.

I propose the best way forward would be to merge the revenue service with RMHC. After all, the acronyms are easily confused and, in diametric opposition to governments, the McDonalds charity deliver both tangible results and value for money.

Two fringe benefits are that with private sector cash being involved in the day-to-day business of revenue collection, the departments will be duty bound by a customer charter. Thus every time they fuck up and tell you that you’re self employed when you’re not, you get a free McNuggets meal. Secondly, they can ditch Adam Hart-Davis as the advertising face of the corporation and use the natty slogan:

Tax: I’m lovin’ it.


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