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What’s over 40 years old and should be put to pasture? The BBC’s longest running quiz show, that’s what.

I can’t believe A Question of Sport is still running. It was shit in the 80s, and now it has Sue Barker in it.

Things were bad enough when Emlyn Hughes and Bill Beaumont were blindfolded and had to feel up the likes of Gary Lineker, John Barnes, Nick Faldo and Frank Bruno in the name of ‘sporting entertainment’. Thankfully the current litigious society prevents such homoerotic depths on middle class game shows these days.

Quite why the BBC chose Barker to host the show, with her gratingly affected Home Counties accent and giant smug, is beyond me. She must simply appeal to the sex-deprived house husbands who watch the show.

Mind you, sandwiched between that grinning marionette Tuffnell and the Christmas-jumper-wearing Dawson, even Fatima Whitbread would start to look good so I guess everything’s relative.

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