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As the oil spill widens, where does blame lead us?

Predictably, the oil spill (they call it a leak, haha) in the Gulf of Mexico is about to turn ugly now the lawyers and the government have stepped in.

BP blame TransOcean. TransOcean blame BP’s contractor, the evil Halliburton. Halliburton of course have close ties to the government and further evil in the form of Prescott Bush and Dick Cheney who will stop at nothing to protect their legacy and, more importantly, their stock options and severance packages.

So in cynical land, this is how it pans out:

  1. The government sue BP
  2. BP point the finger elsewhere
  3. Elsewhere points the finger at BP and its contractors
  4. Lawyers earn big time from the cases either way
  5. Somebody ends up paying compensation. The government rub their hands
  6. The company(ies) in question now have a dent in their profits
  7. Since they are publicly traded — and therefore must be seen to make a year-on-year profit to deliver shareholder value — costs are cut, and cheaper labour is employed, guaranteeing future errors
  8. The clean-up operation costs a small fortune. Do-gooder Green campaigners make noises about the wildlife and push for further compensation
  9. Oil prices go up to cover the costs, fines and legal fees
  10. The calamity is cited as an excuse to shelve the paltry efforts into alternative energy research because keeping the corporations listed on the Stock Exchange and ensuring future income for the stakeholders is Priority Numero Uno
  11. The governmental revenue streams around the world increase in oil taxes
  12. The oil barons, including the warmongering Bush family and the Rothschilds / Morgans grin widely as they continue to hold the world to ransom
  13. You and muggins here pay for it all

Thus proving the old adage that no act is selfless: the government are aggressively pursuing this not because it makes good headlines, but because it justifies the goals and means of themselves and the crooks behind the oil industry.

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