My brain is speeding up

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The perils of having an over-active hyperbrain that takes things in too quickly before processing.

I’ve had a few recent incidences of mis-reading something, probably because I didn’t pay enough attention or my mind works too quickly for my eyes to keep up. Or maybe it was a poor choice of font.

Either way, in these cases the results were quite comical:

Actual sentence What I read
Shake your way into shape Shave your way into shape
(because body hair is heavy)
IAEA says nuclear security improving IKEA says nuclear security improving
(that well-known furniture-turned-arms supplier)
30 OAPs die in cold weather 30 COPs die in cold weather
(because today’s police force are pussies)
Dial-a-claim Dial-a-clam
(for when you just have to have that shellfish)

Note to self: slow the heck down once in a while.

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