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If you’re approached on the street by someone trying to sell you something and you decline, do you expect backchat?

Outside our local supermarket megaplex thingy is a guy who stands there trying to cajole passers-by into joining the RAC. I’m always firm yet polite, usually a “No thank you” or a “Not today thanks”. As far as I’m concerned, that’s enough; after all it’s my choice to engage with someone who cold-calls me on the street, right?

The other day though I bustled past him and replied to his usual request for conversation with “No thanks, I’m with the AA” — a rival breakdown company. His response:

Well, we all make mistakes.

Am I just getting old or was that borderline rude?

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    Depends how he said it. I’m guessing it was just meant as blokey banter / rib tickling. Did you check your vagina for sand? Could explain the misunderstanding…

    Stef Dawson

    It didn’t come across as banter — I can usually tell the difference and give it back if warranted. But then I don’t like being badgered to buy things at the best of times. I wind door-to-doors and cold callers up no end. So maybe it was a simple case of the straw and the camel’s back… and I’m an old bugger.

    But don’t worry Bob, next time I see you outside Tescos trying to lure me to join the RAC, I’ll just give a false smile and walk on :-)

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