Phone dance

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Place your bets on the most annoying customer service practice.

When calling a customer (dis)service department, which of the following is more annoying:

  1. Pressing random buttons to navigate the menu options, so the company get revenue from the phone call, then being told the office is closed.
  2. Managing to get through to the correct department and listening to muzak for forty-five minutes while they repeatedly tell you your call is very important to them.
  3. Being told immediately that the volume of calls is so high they cannot possibly take your call, then cutting you off whereby that posh recorded message bint tells you “the other person has cleared”.
  4. Connecting your call after a significant length of time on hold, then immediately cutting you off so you’re left with dead space in your ear, and uncertainty whether they’re going to reconnect you.
  5. Allowing you to leave a message, then never returning the call.

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