Beware the revolution

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Here’s a riddle: when is a revolution not a revolution? When someone sells it to you.

There’s been a lot of media attention given to OccupyWallStreet recently. The mainstream media have been carrying interviews, televising demonstrations, and bringing in high profile celebrities to vent hot air on the subject. They’re pushing Twitter channels, encouraging FaceBook and G+ groups and showing lots of well-meaning people railing against “the system”.

The trouble is, any time this happens, alarm bells should ring.

Control over truth

Brian Transeau — better known as BT — told us this through his great song The Revolution:

The revolution will be televised

Sadly, the opposite is true. If a revolution is televised you can be pretty damn sure it’s because it supports the agenda of the people printing the money.

Ignoring the destruction of the Berlin Wall, think back to the last major televised revolution. Think hard. To my mind it was in the 60s when Women’s Lib came in. Even though it was before my time and the truth has since been blurred, anecdotally there was an undercurrent of unrest as women clamoured to be treated as equal to men. It’s only fair, after all.

Except the Women’s Lib movement wasn’t a movement in the true sense because it was sponsored by a media campaign. The media were showing pictures of women burning bras and demonstrating against men, showed them campaigning for better pay and working conditions, and wheeled out celebrities to fan the flames of society in turmoil.

The reality of course is that women in work was precisely what the money printers wanted because it served a few goals:

  1. More money required in circulation (and indirect taxes to falsely prop up the economy)
  2. More disposable income available to buy “stuff” corporations tell us we need
  3. More people reliant on fiat currency and credit
  4. The ongoing, systematic break up of the family unit that has been occurring over the past 60 years or so

Thus this message of women as second class citizens trying to break “the system” was evangelised and endorsed by the power elite through the news. And we lapped it up.

War of the isms

Fast forward to today. We’re well on our way to one of the stated goals of PNAC and the UN: having a single global currency. The Euro — surreptitiously brought into play on the back of a common market — has luckily had a very rough ride and I’ll be glad when it implodes and countries revert to their own currencies.

Recent financial crises in Iceland, Ireland and Greece have required intervention to prop up beleagured economic growth. You know it’s bad when Obama steps up to the plate and demands that Europe should do more to bail out Greece. Yeah, right. Pay my tax money to reflate the banking cartel who have helped bring about the destruction of our way of life by having too much autonomous power and a bunch of racketeers at the helm.

Although I’m no fan of fiat currency I’m hopeful that the recent Euro troubles will have given the British Pound a stay of execution. I originally assumed that when the Olympic circus marches out of town in June 2012 and the country is left to mop up the job and infrastructure vacuum, that the inevitable economic slide would be used as an excuse to bring in the Euro as a “fix”. We only need to look at Greece after their badly planned Olympic nightmare to see what awaits this country; our efforts and exit strategy are equally badly planned.

But that’s all in an uncertain future. People are concerned about the here and now. The jobs. The mortgage. The recession (incidentally, brought about by the same people who are sponsoring the Occupy Wall Street debacle). We are so focused on our problems that we’ve lost sight of the big picture and will grasp anything that makes us feel we have a chance against “them”.

Well-meaning students and activists have been mobilized by the images on TV, waving banners and chanting about taxing the top brass. Michael Moore and others are bleating about the failure of Capitalism and how Socialism can band-aid the world’s problems, when the truth is there’s nothing wrong with capitalism if it’s implemented correctly. We’re told this is a capitalist sytem, but it’s far from it. We actually live under a monopoly controlled by the people who run monetary and media printing presses.

So is there anything we — the great unwashed as far as the global elite are concerned — can do to restore the balance of power in our favour? It turns out there is. It starts in America, and it definitely does not involve occupying Wall Street or campaigning for more taxes because, in the words of a great colleague of mine:

No country has ever taxed itself to prosperity

Fed up

Time magazine overstepped the mark: they published a leading article questioning if the US Constitution matters any more. Are they serious? Of course it matters! It predates the take-over of the money system by a few hundred years for a start, and features the people — you and me — at the heart of financial regulation and economic prosperity, not a bunch of money-lending crooks and a banking cartel who are pressurizing Governments to tax the middle classes out of the equation and keep the proceeds themselves through bailouts.

In America — arguably the country who shackles the third world with debt — there is one way out of this; and you won’t hear a whisper of it on the nightly news. Three little words: End the Fed.

The Federal Reserve was brought into being just before Christmas in 1913 when most people in opposition had gone home for the holidays. There were just a handful of congress members and, presumably, a couple of cleaners left in the building. On that fateful day, the American people lost control of their currency and money was privatised; centralised.

The idea spread. In recent memory the Bank of England, among others, have been given autonomous powers to control interest rates and manage their own affairs. The IMF just keep printing money whenever anyone asks. No longer backed by anything of value, their only hope is that nobody will notice the devaluation that comes with that act until it’s too late and we come begging, empty bowls in hand, for a better system: a global currency.

We are so consumed by worry, debt and blanket media coverage wearing us down that we don’t — can’t — see a solution. Just work in the system, keep our heads down and hope it’ll be alright.

Well it won’t be alright unless you do something about it.

To stem the flow of disinformation and gradual erosion of our way of life by the power elite, we need to go back to the source; the root of all evil: the Federal Reserve; the private company owned by the richest and most powerful people on the planet.

Forget the smoke and mirrors of the sanitized, soundbite-friendly Occupy Wall Street farce. Occupy the Fed instead. Get out there and campaign for its abolishment. We massively outnumber the global elite, and as more people take charge and become heard, the tidal wave of economic unrest will spread from country to country, the current system will destabilise and we can regain control over what is rightfully ours: the money supply.

Now that’s what I call a revolution.

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