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Don’t forget to be aware that you’re self harming today while you search for the razor blade. I won’t forget, because I’m now learned.

Today, March 1st, apparently marks Self Injury Awareness Day, having the delightful acronym SIAD. A bizarre occasion, to be sure. Who exactly is becoming aware?

  1. The abusers? Surely they ought to know already.
  2. Friends and family of abusers? You’re not much of a help if you need to be told when to sympathise.
  3. Potential self-harmers who are swayed into thinking it’s an acceptable art form by glamorous mainstream publicity? Probably the same group of people who think it’s socially acceptable to declare bankruptcy as a get-out-of-debt-free card.
  4. The general populace who might have never heard of it and fancy giving it a go? Pick me, pick me!

I’d like to know who dreams up days like these. There are all manner of things like Sys Admin Day, Secretary Day, Towel Day (ok, that one’s actually worthy) and Botched Breast Implant Day. Well, maybe.

Presumably it’s the card companies who concoct this stuff to shift products. After all, nothing says Congratulations on your messy divorce quite as well as a piece of folded tree with a picture of a broken heart on it and people jumping for joy nearby. It’s the thought that counts, right? Not the years of anguish you’re commemorating and the now uncertain future for the card recipient.

Thing is, if the card companies are behind SIAD and I sent a card as a solidarity gesture to my mate who self-harmed, I’d feel bloody awful if he got a paper cut while opening it.

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