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Everything you never wanted know about me and more besides. Almost.

  • Latest

    · 62 words (devours less than a minute)

    Want to know what’s hip ā€˜nā€™ happening? Sadly, you’re on the wrong site. You’ll have to make do with this list of things that might give some impression that the site is actually updated and used regularly. It’s all lies and statistical skulduggery but that’s what you came here for… right?

  • Glossary

    · 2317 words (sucks up about 11 mins)

    The Interweb is full of acronyms, techno-babble and geekery. Let me unfold this towel of mystery and show you its damp contents.

  • Privacy

    · 482 words (wastes about 3 mins)

    The privacy policy: or What Good Is The Data Protection Act Anyway?

  • Questions, comments

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    So you have a complaint? Or praise? Or just want someone to talk to? Fire away using the form here and see what happens.

  • Who am I?

    · 641 words (vacuums up about 3 mins)

    All about Stef. His past conquests, future aims, and present tents. Well, you did ask.

  • How it all began

    · 393 words (devours about 2 mins)

    Background to the site and Stef. Or how this site happened and was rewritten from the ashes of the old hoster after the data had been lost to the bitbucket in the sky.

  • Stef Dawson

    · 572 words (munches about 3 mins)

    The site dedicated to the random, weird and ever so slightly mad world of Stef Dawson. Musician, sound engineer, Textpattern programmer, photographer, chump and all-round bloke. Not nessecelery in that order.