The site that time forgot

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This website just happened. Call it divine intervention or a feat of determination, whatever floats your goat.

The reality is that I wanted to write some stuff, had a site many years ago that time forgot when my hoster went bust and I never got round to rewriting it. I have all the original files of course, because I trust computers as far as I can spit them. I have a saying when it comes to data storage:

No data is ‘safe’ unless it is backed up on at least two (preferably three) distinct disks on at least two (preferably three) distinct computers, separated by as much physical distance as possible, measured in tens of kilometres (or preferably hundreds thereof), and also backed up on non-magnetic media in case a government or individual decides one day to employ the use of a Pulse that takes out all magnetic data. Stef’s Data Survivity Law v2 (v1 lost in hard disk crash)

Okay, not very catchy but a very robust law I think you’ll agree; probably easier to grasp than the lyrics to She Sells Sanctuary and far less confusing than fathoming the popularity of 2-step.

Anyway, the old site was written in Tcl and had grown from humble beginnings to a sprawling mass of interwoven spag-code that even my cats couldn’t untangle.

Since then of course, PHP has taken the world by storm and I figured I ought to jump on the bandstand. It allows me to do all sorts of crazy stuff, make a really easy to maintain, highly random, and nice-to-look-at site and give you a bit of a mind scramble while you’re reading it. Then I found Textpattern and the rest is history, as they say. Whoever they are.

So to cut a long story short — apologies if you’ve read this far and feel you have wasted your valuable time with the long version — I do this because I can and it adds 1 blean of pleasure to my satisfaction donkey knowing that someone else has found it entertaining.

Bless you and the camel you rode in on.