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Passport up for renewal? Bend over.

When people make absurd suggestions and then try to justify them with broken logic, it always makes me smile inside. Like when someone tells me I have to believe in a God or my life won’t have meaning.

But this isn’t about false deities, it’s about passports and the random fee increases from time to time. Last year, the UK government increased the passport fee by £5.50, taking the total to £77.50. This was the reason they gave on their website:

The decision to increase passport fees follows a decline in passport applications experienced during these difficult economic times. The rise will ensure the IPS is able to continue to deliver the service its customers have come to expect…

Difficult economic times? Twiffle, I say. Fewer people are requesting passports for two reasons:

  1. it doesn’t represent good value for money
  2. when you do get a passport, you can’t go anywhere without being treated like a terrorist

The so-called economic climate doesn’t even factor into it: travel fares and foreign resorts are being given away for practically nothing to try and stop people spending money in this country. Increasing numbers of people are simply not bothering to go abroad because it’s too much hassle.

So how does the government intend to rectify this trend? By putting the passport price up.

Good luck with that.

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