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Always choose a good password. ‘123456’ ought to do it.

I had to laugh when I read about a security breach at that exposed 32 million account passwords. The list fell into the hands of a data security firm who analysed the passwords and trended them.

Not sure if this is a general indication of the level of user that attracts or a more alarming education problem. Here are the top 20 passwords taken from the report; make up your own mind.

Top 20 passwords from servers

Nice to see that passwords such as ‘123456’, ‘12345’, ‘123456789’ and ‘password’ accounted for nearly half a million of them :-) And people wonder why I advocate that it doesn’t matter how many firewalls and security checks are put in place, the weak link is always, always, always human.

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    Totally unrelated, but I was wondering: what’s your mothers maiden name? Ooh, and what’s your favorite teachers name? Do you have pets, by any chance?

    Stef Dawson

    Since you asked so kindly, here you go Mr Mbotou of Nigeria:

    1. Lars
    2. Mrs Doubtfire
    3. Yes, I have a lion called Kevin

    I hope that helps and you will now be able to transfer the $1.4 million to my account within the next few weeks. I need to pay the milkman.


    Gee, seeing how you grew up, you turned out quite alright. And hey, thanks for all your work on textpattern.

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