Washing machine safety

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Washing done: time to empty the machine. Denied.

One thing I’ve never been able to fathom is why manufacturers bother to put a time-out (normally two minutes) on washing machine doors.

The machine has done its spinny thing, there’s no water left in it, the light has come on to say it’s finished and yet I still can’t get to the washing for a further few minutes until it decides to release the lock. Why? What possible harm could I or a child come to when the machine is lying dormant?

Do the manufacturers not trust their mechanical or software engineers to reliably indicate when the machine is finished? Has there ever been a case of the washing shifting inside the machine within two minutes of it finishing and crushing a baby? Do washing machines work at a quantum or nuclear level and there’s a slight probability they may become unstable within two minutes of completion of their task?

If I switch my oven off I don’t have to wait two minutes before I can open the door and get my pie out. After I’ve finished cutting the grass, my lawnmower doesn’t prevent me from emptying the cuttings for two minutes. Why is a washing machine more dangerous?

Please, if anybody knows or can think of a suitably batty reason why this apparently ludicrous behaviour is still adhered, let me know.

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