Brownout now, blackout in 2012

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One megalomaniac down… and another steps in to replace him.

With Cameron at the helm and Clegg as Deputy Dawg of the ConDem party, can they fix thirteen years of irresponsible borrowing, the derailing of the education system and erosion of family values in this country?

I somehow doubt it.

Especially given that they have two years in which to do something before the Olympic juggernaut rolls into town and bankrupts what’s left of this piss poor excuse for a country. The recent implosion of Greece is nothing compared to what’s going to happen to the fragile British economy post June 2012.

Of course, unlike with Greece, the only way Brussels will bail us out is if we join their fucked up currency and buy into the United States of Europe, lock stock.

The EU have been gunning for us since Thatcher saw through their charade, and no amount of governmental policy, smug leadership promises or referenda can change the fact that we were allowed to “win” the Olympic bid for the express purpose of removing one of the few remaining obstacles to a European superstate.

But look on the bright side: come that day, Belgian chocolate will be in plentiful supply.

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