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Even though we’re in some kind of economic depression, it’s time to rid ourselves of the advertising long faces and inject some fun into selling.

All the humour seems to have been sucked out of marketing these days. With the subtle focus shift over the past few years from gurning executives telling us “our company offers you [service]” to today’s fashion of using photos of everyday folk alongside slogans such as “my [service] does such-and-such for me” everything’s turned really serious.

No wonder we aren’t buying anything. Come on guys, where’s the fun?

Here, I’ll give you a kick start. When people leave the Asda supermarket, do you honestly think the bland “Thank you for shopping at Asda” emblazoned over the door will entice people back? No. In fact, a whole world of no. We don’t care about your empty corporate sentiments: they leave us cold. You know what will make us come back?

Good old fashioned humour.

So think outside the frame a little. Be creative. That’s what you’re paid for, right? Open the pic to find out what three-and-a-half minutes with Photoshop can do:

Asda La Vista, Baby!

Much better!

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