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If you thought Google Translate was simply an awesome translation engine, think again. It can haz beatbox.

I can’t claim credit for this — it was posted on Holy Moly’s weekly digest — but this is the most innovative use of Google Translate I have ever encountered.

Somebody went to great pains to figure out that if you type in a bunch of random vowels and consonants into Google translate, set it to translate from German to German and hit Listen… you get Google in da howsse.

Hit me with your rhythm stick, hit me… hit me|de|pv%20zk%20bschk%20pv%20zk%20pv%20bschk%20zk%20pv%20zk%20bschk%20pv%20zk%20pv%20bschk%20zk%20bschk%20pv%20bschk%20bschk%20pv%20kkkkkkkkkk%20bschk%0A%0A

Now that’s ingenious. Love it.

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    Stef Dawson

    Pants, it seems they’ve changed the Translate service so this no longer works. Way to kill the fun, Google.

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