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After my wife read the latest Harry Potter book, she wondered if it might be more fun/interesting to be called something obscure like Harry Potter and the Half-Chewed Scone.

Well, that got us being stupid and creative for the rest of the day as we came up with random amusing titles. And lo, the idea of the J.K. Rowling Random Harry Potter Generator came to pass. It’s not a new idea but I think the output is certainly a little more off-the-wall than other people have tried.

A swift bit of coding later and it became a question on my highly random comments form. Such was the response, I decided to break it out into its own section. So here it is: The Random Harry Potter Book Generator in all its glory. Enjoy.

Random ideas for a J.K. Rowling Harry Potter book
Harry Potter and the Rusty TabardHarry Potter and the Mischievous StagHarry Potter and the Doughnut of DispleasureHarry Potter and the Lizard of SurpriseHarry Potter and the Glib VegetablesHarry Potter and the Imploding Rake
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    Harry Potter and the Llama of Darkness OMFG I’m dying lol

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