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There's nothing like programming something to generate randomness. Such a feeling of release, rather like hammering your finger.

  • Random Tiger, Hidden Whatnow

    · 441 words (kills about 2 mins)

    Some movie titles lend themselves to being butchered. Like the awful film from 2000: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, for example…

  • Random that's not my

    · 624 words (eats up about 3 mins)

    Usborne have a lot to answer for. They created the world’s most random series of childrens’ books under the title of That’s not my… insert-name-of-object here. But they’re not random enough, it seems. Wouldn’t it be fun to play with the titles a bit? Wouldn’t it?

  • Random school report generator

    [2 comments] · 3449 words (kills about 16 mins)

    Coming up with reports for a bunch of students is high on teachers’ least favourite list. This handy report generator might be just the ticket.

  • Random Harry Potter

    [1 comment] · 519 words (wastes about 3 mins)

    The generator that started it all. J.K. Rowling wouldn’t approve.

  • Random Restaurant Menu Dish Generator

    · 365 words (laps up about 2 mins)

    Stuck for what to eat when you go to a posh restaurant? Or do you own such an establishment and wish to attract a higher class of clientele by enticing them with a fresh and appealing menu? You’ve found the right place for ideas. Oh yes.

  • Play on words

    · 118 words (kills less than a minute)

    Playing with the English language; please browse a collection of pictures that have either been taken by me or stolen and subtly doctored for comedic effect.

  • Glossary

    · 2317 words (wastes about 11 mins)

    The Interweb is full of acronyms, techno-babble and geekery. Let me unfold this towel of mystery and show you its damp contents.