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Y'know things that are all the rage? Blogs. Everyone has one; or at least had one before Facebook, Twitter and Google+ diluted the realtime pool.

Since I'm nu-old skool — and watching endless streams of people pretending they are the centre of the universe isn't Like-worthy — I figured why not make a blog? The main difference here compared with other people's blogs is that instead of being limited to one topic, you get a little slice of everything all mashed up. Txt spk iz da bom.

  • Marketing fun

    · 164 words (devours less than a minute)

    Even though we’re in some kind of economic depression, it’s time to rid ourselves of the advertising long faces and inject some fun into selling.

  • Dangerous water: call a lawyer

    · 471 words (munches about 3 mins)

    Who needs common sense when there are so many policies and layers of management that renders it obsolete?

  • Budgetary musings

    · 184 words (laps up less than a minute)

    The economy is booming rah rah. Aren’t we great rah rah. Tax the rich mumble mumble. Do you want fries with that?

  • Phone dance

    · 142 words (munches less than a minute)

    Place your bets on the most annoying customer service practice.

  • The lawyers take over

    · 443 words (sucks up about 2 mins)

    There’s a time for words, and there’s a time when they get in the way. Such as when trying to do something legitimate, only to find terms and conditions stand in your path.

  • To infinity and beyond

    · 393 words (eats up about 2 mins)

    Despite spam filters and increased public awareness of scams, it must still pay for companies to employ mass-mailouts. I want to know who falls for such emails. And why.