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Why bother with such trivial matters as attention to detail and spelling? They just get in the way of making money.

If you made or sold a product, would you want it to be the best it could be? Would you want to instil confidence in those who bought it to earn a reputation as a quality company? And if you made childrens’ educational toys, would you employ a proof reader to ensure you were doing your level best to maintain standards of schooling?

Clearly supermarket chain Morrisons didn’t pay attention to such trifling details when they commissioned a set of stackable learning blocks from a sweatshop in China. Here’s a sample of the quality on offer; I’ll let the blocks do the talking:

Badly-spelled child's block #3 Badly-spelled child's block #2 Badly-spelled child's block #1

(and yes these were given to us, I’d never have bought them!)

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