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Y'know things that are all the rage? Blogs. Everyone has one; or at least had one before Facebook, Twitter et al diluted the realtime pool.

Since I'm nu-old skool — and watching endless streams of people waste their lives telling each other about their shockingly tedious days has me reaching for the Glock — I figured why not make a blog? The main difference here compared with other people's blogs is that instead of being limited to one topic, you get a little slice of everything all mashed up. I'm too good to be tweeting.

  • Making little changes

    · 352 words (devours about 2 mins)

    Self-improvement is not restricted to once a year as a New Year gig. It’s a continuous process. Let’s all change one little thing. Today.

  • First past the opinion poll

    · 989 words (eats up about 5 mins)

    Are opinion polls an outdated tool for determining voter spread? Should they be abolished to allow greater political freedom?

  • The Sun's tits

    · 881 words (laps up about 4 mins)

    Depending on your viewpoint, the title of this post could either be about Page 3 models in the Sun newspaper or a statement of fact about the quality of its content. Guess you’ll have to read on to find out.

  • All my friends are virtual

    [1 comment] · 277 words (devours about 2 mins)

    When it comes to being artistic, I’m a rank amateur. But posting random poetry for no other reason than because I can is where I excel.

  • Targeted ads have a long way to go in the semantic web

    · 682 words (laps up about 4 mins)

    Personalised banner advertising on the Internet is an utter waste of money, effort and bandwidth because the industry have made some fundamentally wrong decisions about what constitutes useful metadata.

  • Don't look at the camera

    · 543 words (devours about 3 mins)

    Turned up to a film set on Sunday as a “runner” which is movie parlance for “general dog’s body”. Imagine my surprise when I ended up being in the film.

  • TXP is alive

    [1 comment] · 302 words (wastes about 2 mins)

    Extra extra! Read all about it! If it’s Textpattern and cool, it’s in the new rebranded and redirectioned TXP magazine.

  • Where have encyclopedia salespeople gone?

    · 95 words (eats up less than a minute)

    Knock knock.
    Who’s there?
    Encyclopedia Britannica.
    Go away, I’m… washing my hair.