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A gridface of Stefs for your viewing displeasure (164 and counting).

Stef taking Stef in the mirror
Beers of Europe #2: Unhand my Leffe
Stef and Jimmy Hill: separated at birth
Fake moustache
Stef's insanity
Stef's altitude sickness
Stef's cold shoulder
Stef with shoes for ears
Stef doesn't trust you
Stef at one with Belgian culture
Shifty eyed Stef
Proof that Stef is all about the ears
Stef wonders if he'll fit in these trousers
Give wine to Stef and...
Take me to your rave
Stef pretending to be a bald eagle maybe?
Beardy holiday Stef
Stef and a pair of ergonomic 3D glasses
Stef pretends he's from the set of Emmerdale
Giant hooded Stef
Stef pretending to be in with the youngsters
Stef the DIY God. Yes, that's a pencil
Stef as Phil Collins
Stef models a water feature
Stef in da studio
Pointy nose Stef
An incredulous look from Stef
Stef's claw
Stef shows a little tongue
Stef goes Full Retard
Don't talk to Stef when he's having a strop
Mind meld with the Lego dragon
A maniacal grin from the Stef
Paninaro, oh eh oh
Allotment vs Stef
Stef gets a glimpse of his future fishing-loving self
Professor Stef
A stupid Stef grin
The Jekyll/Hyde experiment goes sideways for Stef
Stef tries the Hallowe'en hat
Stef's impersonation of a goldfish fails to impress
The tourists were enthralled by Stef's life-size art expo
Stef behind flowers
Which one is Stef?
Scooby-Doo monster
Stef won't fix your PC
Antelopean Stef
Stef fancies a swift half
Christmas confuses Stef
Stef impersonates The Invisible Man
Stef and mash
Stef appeals to the German market with a Hasselhoff ROCK moment
Stef demonstrating his culinary prowess
Stef says this is the sound of Altern-8.. tern-8.. n-8.. 8...
Stef on the set of Wayne's World
Stef's breakfast
Yoghurt pot card on Stef
Stef wearing Christmas tree
Sunburned Stef
If Stef had a cycloptic vagina for a face...
Stef often wears the compost bin
Minging chew bar
Stef with Eiffel tower head
Stef shows his feline side
Beers of Europe #5: Stef keeps an eye on the Bruges Zot jester
The valentines gingerbread man met a face worse than death
Stef / beaver
Stef wonders if David Bellamy has a space for him in his nature programme
The lips, Stef. Just the lips
Stef in a Lotus
Stef and the bread basket become one
Stef sweet tongue
Stef locked in a Convent prison in Tallinn
Stef spies something over there
Stef in shower cap
Stef's giant sandwich
Beers of Europe #3: Engulf Hoegaarden before damp patch encroacheth
Stef and hose
Stef: licence to hose
Mekon spotted. Did anyone call Dan Dare?
Stef in party hat and streamers
Beers of Europe #1: Jupiler the brave
Stef models the latest in plastic hotel beaker and shower cap attire
Never give Stef the tab off a carton of orange juice, for he will maketh a friend
Stef and Riga man
Stef tries his hand at being an extra from I Know What You Did Last Thursday
Stef the poser
Sleepy Stef is dressed by his Wife in her adorable pink crochet number
Stef as a stand-in for Edgar on the set of Men In Black
Stef: overwhelmed
smart thinking
Looking up Stef's nose avec grin
Two-faced Stef
Look out, Stef. Bandit at 3 o'clock
Stef with a Quick Response code on his forehead
Stef being a work berk
Stef unwittingly builds the first Duplo Anal Intruder
Stef taken by surprise
Stef the Tzar
An artist's impression of Stef
Stef and his inherent mistrust of curtains
Mavis Beacon to the rescue
The eye of Stef sees all
Stef bares teeth
Stef aspires to the giant weed
Stef is quite disgusted by his own tongue
Stef; desperate to escape the glass
Stef attacked by the giant Danish pastry in Paris
Stef wields a guitar with no intent
Beers of Europe #4: Kriek Max Cherry, what the hell?
Stef realises he can pretty much get his whole head in his hands
Stef larging it in a swimming cap
Stef or Alvin?
Stef models corner shop flapjack on Snowdon
Beastie Boy Stef
Scary eyed Stef
Stef trying his hand at becoming Maori
Kenny helps Stef take a break from pretending to DJ
Stef Toblerone face
Stef wants your, umm, whatever you have in your hand now
Stef as Dr Zoidberg
Mirror Stef
The fish have everything to fear
Stef tries appealing to extra-terrestrials
Stef and custard slice
Why the long face
Here cakey cakey cakey
Orange gum shield
Pringles Stef
Kohl rabi head
Stef's table tennis eyes
Stef in a tiny coat
Stef in Sabotage video
Comrade Stef
Stef shows off part of his gigantic tongue to woo the ladies
Nipply Stef
McDonalds Chicken Little glasses don't suit Stef
Beermat mouth
Stef and his lip
Attack of the giant weed
Stef impersonates Josh from Casualty
If Stef was a Simpsons character
Stef contemplates the wonderment of nature
Stef guiding down yoghurt
Stef titillates fruit
Proof that Stef can skateboard
Stef is not normal
Stef tends to the barbecue like a man
Stef, ze German Scientist, knows all your nuclear secrets
Mr Potato head
Excess baggage, sir?
Stef wears devil horns. Wrongly
Stef says I'll huff and I'll puff...
Stef is delighted to share his name with an item of cheap Ikea furniture
Stef proves driving and eating don't mix
Balding cat spotted at tourist attraction. Call the RSPCA
Botany is Stef's strong point at the Eden Project
Lippy Stef
Stef overdoses on icing and marzipan
Riga beer