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Coding is fun. I'm good at it. Sort of.

  • Plugins

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    When not creating music, text or being silly, I (as ‘Bloke’) can often be found hunched over a keyboard. Here are plenty of software projects and plugins I’ve written, primarily for the awesome open-source CMS Textpattern (a.k.a. Txp).

  • Beta plugin downloads

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    There are times when you just need to roll the dice. To satisfy people with this wanton, potentially destructive mentality, please find herein code that has yet to be released. Download if you have the gumption.

  • Old plugin downloads

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    Sometimes you just need something from times gone by. To satisfy your date-based backwards-compatibility hunger you will find here an insanely functional, yet rather unappealing, list of old Textpattern plugins. See what's in the cellar.

  • Cock Muff Bumhole

    · 572 words (munches about 3 mins)

    Play the Nathan Barley Cock Muff Bumhole simulator. Useful for deciding contention issues over scarce resources. Or just for fun.